Why Anguilla?

An Unforgettable Experience


nguilla, British Caribbean, is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands. Anguilla is luxurious yet low key. It’s special. It’s like no other place you’ve been before, and sometimes best explained by telling you what it does not have: no all-inclusive resorts, chain restaurants, casinos, large cruise ships, huge shopping malls, traffic jams or wailing sirens.


f you like laid-back luxury, want to make genuine friends out of the people you meet at the Lit Fest, can’t wait to choose from a spectacular selection of white sandy beaches, enjoy charming boutique shopping, love to listen to live music and crave exceptional dining with plentiful fresh seafood – Anguilla will turn your Caribbean dreams into reality.


ay is a wonderful time to visit Anguilla –  our Lit Fest guests benefit from ‘low season’ prices yet all the restaurants and attractions remain open and of course our beautiful oceans and pristine beaches are as peaceful as can be.