Things To Do

Island Explorer

Fabulous Food

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and into the wee-small hours, you will find an incredible range of delicious dining for such a tiny island. Join in on our unofficial national sport – eating out! Anguilla is famous for fresh fish and seafood – especially the local spiny lobster and crayfish. Make sure you try some of our cheap and plentiful road side barbeque for an authentic Anguilla experience.

Marvellous Music

If you love live music Anguilla is the place for you – it is everywhere! Our musical talent includes international icon Bankie Banks, popular local artists like Boss, Sproka, Dumpa Martin, The Mighty Springer, The Musical Brothers, Deanna Mussington, Amalia Watty, Roxanne “Roxy” Webster, Vanessa Croft and Jaine Rogers as well as groups like British Dependency, Exodus, PVI Omari Banks & 11, and Natty and the House.

Art, Heritage, Nature

Anguilla has a wide selection of Art Galleries and it is fun to take a tour of them. There are also historical tours taking in Colville Petty’s Heritage Collection Museum and heritage and birding tours, and nature walks organised by the Anguilla National Trust.


Swimming, snorkelling and walking the 33 beaches are the most popular activities, but you can also play tennis and golf, take a yoga or fitness class, enjoy wonderful scuba diving and deep sea fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, tiger boat tours, paddle boarding, kite surfing, and ATV adventures.

Best Beaches & Desirable Desert Islands

No trip to Anguilla is complete without a trip to one of our stunning, “Robinson Crusoe like” off shore cays: Sandy Island, Scilly Cay and Prickly Pear. These tiny islands can only be reached by taking a boat from the mainland. All three serve delicious local lobster lunches. And however beautiful the beach you find yourself, please make sure you get out and explore a few more – Anguilla has 33 of them.

Fabulous Festivals

Anguilla offers up a range of special interest festivals that are worth making a return trip for.
The vibrant Festival del Mar at Island Harbour takes place annually on Easter Saturday and Sunday and is a feast of delicious seafood, family fun, local music and sporting activities (fishing competitions, swimming and crab races!), all revolving around the sea.

May is a busy month – as well as the Anguilla Lit Fest “the charming Welches Festival showcases old time Anguilla with local food and cultural performances in a village setting.

In July we have “pre-Carnival” events such as the South Valley Street Fair and warm-up events for Summer Festival.

Boat Racing season starts on Easter Monday and ends on the last day of the Summer Festival. It is a mainstay of Anguillian culture, a great local experience and a marvellous photo opportunity to boot.

Our 10 day Summer Festival — annually during the first 10 days of August — features daily boat racing as well as other activities like music shows, talent and beauty pageants and the oft-photographed, spectacular and colourful “Parade of Troupes”.