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Verna Bryan



Verna Althea Bryan was born in the Copse, East End, to the late Albertis Gumbs and Jane Gumbs.  She is the first child of that union which produced one girl and three boys. She has a total of 9 siblings, 8 brothers and 1 sister.   As the only daughter sandwiched between six boys she learnt responsibility at a very early age.  Verna did her primary education at the East End Primary School and completed the standard seven exams.

Verna was young and vibrant during the 1967 revolution. She was surrounded by a number of older women, from which she got her zeal to join in the demonstrations. Verna vividly recalls going to The Valley with the late Nardine Lake, who was both her childhood and adulthood neighbour, carrying large placards made specifically for them.  She remembers the fierceness of the women as they stood in the forefront of the frequent demonstrations and side by side with the men. In the mind of this vivacious young woman she too was determined to play her part.

Her employment began in the private sector where she worked for many years. In 1986 she commenced working as a Security Officer at the then Wallblake Airport now Clayton J Lloyd International Airport.  She worked as a supervisor until her retirement in 2007.  While employed, she took her job seriously and left an indelible mark on the young officers; many of whom today are supervisors and managers.

Verna owns and operates her private company, Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services which was established in 1993.  During her past time, she offers her services to make a difference where she can.

Verna was married her to late husband, Darwin Bryan, of Pond Ground, East End. From this union came two girls and two boys. She is also a proud grandmother of seven (7).

Verna is a Christian woman and is grateful to God for all his blessings on her life and that of her family.  She loves her island Anguilla and remains positive about its continued growth and progress.

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