Sugar Aloes

Performer, Calypso Explosion

Sugar Aloes

Performer, Calypso Explosion


Michael Anthony Osouna was born at #37 Morvant Avenue, Morvant in the Island of Trinidad and Tobago; he was the first child to Rudolph Percel and Jean Osouna.

He attended the Nelson Street Boys R.C School from the age of 5 where he attained primary school education, from there he moved on to Mucurapo Junior Secondary where he attained Secondary education.  Michael got involved in the school’s choir, where it was discovered that he had many talents.

Michael Osouna took part in school plays and became very active in religious endeavors, such as catechism class, Sunday school, first communion and then confirmation.

Having Dr. Hollis Liverpool better known as “CHALKDUST” for his teacher, Hollis discovered something unique about this student and encouraged him to get involved in extra curricular activities.  He was also involved in a Best Village group where he displayed a variety of talents, such as drumming, composing and singing.

Michael Osouna   a.k.a SUGAR ALOES first came into the bright light in 1978, where he appeared on Scouting for Talent.  It was on that night he signed a contract to perform with the Original Young Brigade Calypso Tent headed by Mr. Syl Taylor, and from 1979 to present day, there was no stopping for this young, bright and upcoming performer.

Sugar Aloes tied with Annmarie Parks more popularly known as “TWIGGY” for the special prize on Scouting for Talent.  He then moved on to win the SAN JUAN CALYPSO MONARCH TITLE 6 consecutive times. Feeling the need to elevate his career and progress, he decided to partake in the more prominent competitions.

Sugar Aloes took part subsequently in the YOUNG KINGS COMPETITION in 1990 and won the title, since then he has been a main stay finalist in the National Calypso Competition better known as DIMANCHE GRAS  for a record of 23 consecutive times, and has captured the title in 2002 , 2008 with his Political Commentary song “REFLECTIONS” and defended the title in 2009 with his song “OBAMA THE FIRST”.

He then joined the most ever popular Calypso Revue in 1987 under the management of Mr. Jazzy Pantin and Mr. Sonny Woodley, and presently sits as CHAIRMAN of the committee.

Over the years he has shared the stage with Calypso Legends such as, LORD KITCHENER, MIGHTY SPARROW, DAVID RUDDER, THE BARON, SCRUNTER, ROSE, SUPERIOR, RELATOR, AJAMU OF GRENADA and many others.  Sugar Aloes has also shared the stage with such International Stars like EDDIE LOVETT, PERCY SLEDGE, BROOK BENTON, Hollywood’s first Cat woman ERTHA KIT, VICTORIA ROWEL better known as DRUCILLA WINTERS of  the popular TV Daytime Soap Opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, MARCIA GRIFFITH of Jamaica and many others.

Sugar Aloes catalog of hits includes timeless favorites such as: LOVE BEING ME, NOBODY LOVES NOBODY, MAN, SIGNS OF THE END OF TIME, CONTRIBUTION, SOCA IS MEH BABY, GET UP, FETE, JAM MEH, ROCK TO SOCA, PUMP IT UP, he also composed and performed a song titled “BAD DECISION” regarding the ongoing controversy on the ever popular RAIN-O-RAMA which received rave reviews from the public for it’s accuracy on this matter that is still pending in court.

In 2008 Sugar Aloes placed first in the National Calypso Monarch Competition which saw him capture the crown for a second time in his Illustrious career, beating such other heavy weights as Singing Sandra, Cro Cro & Chalkdust just to name a few.

The wining selection titled REFLECTIONS concentrated on the biting concession speech of our opposition leader after The 2008 Election.

Sugar Aloes is also known for his hard hitting POLITICAL COMMENTARY, his endeavor is to keep the flag of Kaiso flying high as a true Cultural Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago.

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