Short Pants

Workshop Facilitator and Performer, Calypso Explosion

Short Pants

Workshop Facilitator and Performer, Calypso Explosion


SHORT PANTS has been singing in the Calypso Tents in Trinidad & Tobago for over forty years.

He began his calypso singing career at the Calypso Theatre in 1975. He was at the Regal Calypso Tent in 1977 after which he spent two years at Kitchener’s Calypso Revue. It was in his latter year there that he sang, “The Law is an Ass,” which created national controversy; but which landed him into the National Calypso Monarch Finals for the first time.

Short Pants moved to Shadow’s Masters’ Den during the years 1980 to 1987 and after the Den closed, he sang with the Spektakula Forum in 1990 before co-managing the Vintage Calypso Tent which operated for just one year; 1991.

In 1992, Short Pants travelled to San Fernando and began almost two decades of performances with the Kaiso Showkase Calypso Tent. He continued singing there until 2011.

Short Pants is well known for the strong lyrical content of his calypsoes and for his extempore singing. He has been a regular finalist in the National Extempo Competition and in the various Independence Calypso competitions.

He has been, as well, a regular performer with Paul Keens Douglas and the Talk Tent where he recites his calypsoes in a new genre that is called Talkalypso. Short Pants, in addition, has emerged champion of the National Talkalypso Finals on every occasion that the competition has been held.

 This calypsonian has penned a number of excellent calypsoes for his children; two of whom have claimed the National Junior Calypso title.

His daughter, Heather who has been the National Calypso Queen on two occasions (2002 & 2011) has also made ten appearances as a National Calypso Monarch finalist to date. Short Pants has written all of her competing calypsoes.

In 2010 Short Pants won the Humourous Calypso Category Finals with a composition about the Tiger Woods’ affair, called ‘The Infidel”.

He has been emcee at Cro Cro’s Icons Calypso Tent since 2012.

For the last nine years, as well, he has been a freelance broadcaster at one of the national radio stations – Talk City 91.1 fm – where he hosts the very popular Kaiso Kafe programme, on Sunday afternoons.


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Writers’ Workshop

9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Paradise Cove

Rise and Shine Breakfast Presentation

8:45 am - 9:45 am
Paradise Cove

Calypso Explosion

7:00 pm
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