Patricia J Adams

Author & Poet

Patricia J Adams

Author & Poet


Mrs. Patricia Adams, better known as Teacher Patsy, was born in The Farrington, Anguilla. She grew up with her grandmother, Margaret Carty, whom she called Noona. Many nights young Patsy Christian was called upon to read poems to Noona, from a book that her daughters in Curacao had sent to her.  Noona is also the inspiration for many of Teacher Patsy’s dialect and cultural poems and the use of dialect in both of her books.

Teacher Patsy’s education began at The Valley Girls’ School and then the Valley Secondary School. She later attended The College of Further Education in St. Kitts. She began writing poetry during the years of the Anguilla Revolution and was mostly inclined to write poems documenting Anguillian history and culture. One of her first poems entitled “Landsome,” documents the purpose of the building on the Landsome Estate as well as its fiery end in 1968 during the Anguilla Revolution.

Upon leaving Secondary School, Miss Christian was recruited to work at Radio Anguilla, a radio station which was started by the Royal Engineers who had invaded Anguilla in March 19th, 1969. She was later employed in telecommunications, Christian radio and banking before entering the teaching profession.

Patriotic songs written by Teacher Patsy include “Zenaida Aurita,” which was requested to be written especially for Grades One to Three after the turtle dove was nominated to be the national bird of Anguilla. It is a signature song for beginner steel pan players at Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School. Other patriotic songs by her are “Oh Anguilla,” “Our Flag,” and “This Is Anguilla” which were sung by a hundred voice inter-school choir for Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip on their visit here in February 1994.

She has published three anthologies of poems, namely A Jewel Made of Sand, Windows to Yesteryear and A Gift of Fire. Her play “The Revolution” was performed at Landsome Bowl for the 35th anniversary of the Anguilla Revolution. A cadre of her songs and poems has been performed by schools, churches and clubs throughout Anguilla, the Caribbean and the Isle of Wight.

Since 2009, The Patricia Adams Literary Award is given annually for the best essay in Test of Standards for Grades three, five and six.

Teacher Patsy’s works took her to The Caribbean Union of Teachers’ convention in Barbados and CARIFESTA in Trinidad and Tobago. For its 25th anniversary issue in 2011, Teacher Patsy was one of twenty five Caribbean writers to contribute  to the Puerto Rico magazine SARGASSO headed by Professor Don Walicek of the University of Puerto Rico.

In 2017, her first novel “BLUE BEANS” was published by Emmanuel Publishing of Dominica then in December 2017, Teacher Patsy published “MOUTHSPEECHES,” a book of almost two thousand Anguillian words, proverbs and idioms. Her most recent book “Yellow Dad.”is now available.











































PATRICIA J. ADAMS was born in The Farrington, Anguilla. As a child she attended The Valley Girls’ School and The Valley Secondary School.


Upon leaving school she was one of the first announcers employed at Radio Anguilla, a radio station which was set up by the British paratroopers after the British invasion on March 19th, 1969. After working in the banking industry in National Bank of Anguilla, a telephone Operator in Cable and Wireless and an announcer at Caribbean Beacon, Patricia finally settled into teaching in 1987.


She taught at the Island Harbour Primary School for ten years then was transferred to the Stoney Ground Primary School where she taught for eight years.


Teacher Patsy as she is known started writing at age seventeen. She has published three books of poems entitled “A Jewel Made of Sand,” “Windows to Yesteryear,” and “A Gift of Fire.”


Several graduation songs for primary school graduations have been written by her, and many of her poems are performed at various school and church functions.


Her most popular songs are Zenaida Aurita, Oh Anguilla and This is Anguilla. The two latter songs were performed for the Royal visit of HM Queen Elizabeth the Second and her husband, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, by a one-hundred voice choir taken from all the primary schools on Anguilla.


Since 2004, The Patricia J. Adams literary award is given for the best essay in Test of Standards for Grades three, five and six.


Teacher Patsy has been married for forty years and is the proud mother of five children and fifteen grand children. She is presently the manager of her clothing store, Fashion Closet in the Quarter.



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