Lennox Vanterpool


Lennox Vanterpool



Anguillian born Lennox Vanterpool is currently a music teacher at the Albena Lake Hodge Comprehensive School. He holds bachelors and masters level degrees in Music Education from the University of the Virgin Islands and Boston University, College of the Fine Arts, respectively. Vanterpool became a teacher at the tender age of 16, following in the footsteps of his father, the late Morris St.Clair Vanterpool.

Lennox is also the Director of Music at the Morlens School of Music which he founded in 1989. At the Morlens School , where the motto is “playing is work”, Vanterpool is committed to the development of youth through music.
At the St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Vanterpool serves as pianist and Chorale director where he enjoys proclaiming the gospel of Jesus the Christ in song ,and in the company of fellow music ministers.

As the author of Broken Chords, published in December of 2016, Lennox Vanterpool has sought to bring to the fore questions of education and social justice in Anguilla’s present educative set up. He has boldly and forthrightly challenged those in positions of influence to consider afresh our actions as they relate to our children and the advancement of our nation.
Lennox lives in Sandy Hill with Elvarie, his wife of 18 years, and their son Kamal.

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