Performer, Calypso Explosion


Performer, Calypso Explosion


The Baron was born Timothy Watkins to Caroline and Fitzgerald Watkins on 14th March 1947. He grew up in Bamboo Village, La Romain, South Trinidad. He attended Rambert E.C. School and then attended evening classes at San Fernando Technical Institute.

The Sobriquet “Baron” was bestowed unto him by Lord Shorty” who penned his two hits that year – 1971 – “Severe Licking” and “Too Late” and introduced him to the Original Young Brigade [OYB].  Baron became a Recording Artiste in his first appearance as a Calypsonian he was backed up by Ed Watson and the Brass Circle on the recording of “Severe Licking” which catapulted him into the spotlight.

After that very successful debut it is believed or rather perceived that Baron had imposed a self-exile upon himself for the next thirteen years… With the input of Gypsy begging him to come back in the Arena  I beg to differ…Because the following year he sang, “Letter To Marian” at the OYB and released two 45 rpm recordings on the Village label: – “Lazy Housewives” b/w “Malcolm –X” with the latter written by Lord Shorty and music by Ed Watson Brass Circle and “Tiger In Your Tank” Backed/With {b/w} “Church People”. He was also featured on the album BW 3141 Hot, Cool, Spice with recordings of “Mrs Harriman”, “Water Gun”, “Pan Man” and “Melvina” This album also featured Lancelot Layne, Eddie Hopper and the “Sparks”.

1976 he recorded “Mango Sucker” b/w “Bottom’s Man” with arrangements and accompaniment by Friends, “Joan” b/w “March in March” with arrangements by Art De Coteau and the Winsford Devine’s composition “That Eh Good That Eh Nice” b/w “Sock it Out” produced by the man who gave us the “Woomba Sound” Ben Romany. Baron was also a member of Lord Shorty’s band, “Vibration International” where he was the percussion- player along with Paul Rouse & Junior Wharwood.

1979 he recorded his first Album titled, “The Return of The Baron: Super Special Disco 33 with 5 songs” This album contained “Muddy Water”, “Vision of Africa etc with all songs written and arranged by Wade Simon and produced by Simon & Osborne Barret.

1980 he recorded on Twelve Inch {12”} Jomo Whatuse’s composition, “To be Thankful For” on the “Integris” Label. Christia Skeete also recorded this song with arrangements by Art De Coteau.

1981 he recorded Roy Alton’s “Tell Them” B/W  “Version” with arrangements by Hauricio Smith.

1982 he upped the tempo of his previously recorded “Melvina” and aptly named it, “Millie” b/w “The Rock” and he also released “Party in The Terrace” b/w Instrumental.

1983 he recorded  “Mighty Sniper’s” classic “Portrait of Trinidad” b/w “Trinidad Carnival” produced by Gabriel Williams and arrangements by Ulvin Belfast.

It is my belief that by observing the above-mentioned discography one can see that Baron never really stayed away from calypso and carnival… he was always there… he probably did not receive much support from people in the relevant places i.e. radio & media as to highlight his career. The following chapter deals with his so-called-return to prominence.

In late 1983 he again teamed up with now legendary calypso composer, Winsford “Joker” Devine who penned his release for the Carnival Season of 1984 what people called his “Come Back Hits”, “The Jammer” and “Feeling It” produced by Osborne Barret and arrangements by Leston Paul.  These two songs proved to be very popular with partygoers and Pan-men with “Pan Vibes” making a recording of both “The Jammer” and “Feeling It” with arrangements by Noel Skair and Pan Vibes.

1985 he produced his 2nd Album “Instant Joy” with all songs composed by “Joker” and arrangements by Leston Paul. Baron had memorable hits again that year with songs i.e. “Make Love Not War”, “Changes”, “Buss-up-shut” etc.

1986 his overwhelming popularity was sustained as he released his 3rd album with arrangements by Leston Paul, “Sweeter than Ever” which contained the hits “Doh Rock It So”, “River of Tears”, “Raja Rani” written by Crazy, Mohan Paltoo and Baron…

Late 1986 he released another 12” titled “Trouble” with arrangements by Frankie McIntosh and produced by Michael Gould for the 1987 carnival.

1986 he produced his 4th album “Full of Fire” along with Leston Paul which contained the hits “Say Say”, “Soca Espanol” and he was also featured on Errol Ince’s album “Errol Ince and Friends”. He sang “Not Tonite”. Hatter’s Steel Orchestra recorded “Say Say” with arrangements by Earl Brooks.

1988 “Melosian Rhapsody” was the title of his 5th album. Arranged by Leston Paul and which also included the hits “What About”, “Dance Floor” and everyone’s favourite, including Baron,“ Soca Man”.

1989 he released another 12” featuring Lord Shorty’s “Consuela” & “Gone, Gone, Gone”. He also released his 6th album, “Party Fusion” which contained the very popular “Somebody” and also “We Havin’ A Party.

1990 “On Top of the World” was his next album which featured “Soca Pan Tuner”, “Tell Me Why”, “Ah Holdin’ On” etc. “Tell Me Why” was recorded by “Pan Assembly” featuring Earl Brooks.

1991 he had a monster hit with the title track of his 8th album “Melody Sweet”. This very same year the American periodical, “Class Magazine” was “up-sized” and the cover story was on Eddy Grant and also contained a story on Lord Shorty but, “There is also another historical element of this issue” states Rene John-Sandy {publisher notes} as he continues, “Calypsonian Baron became the first artiste to have all four singles of his 1991 calypso album Baron’s Melody Sweet simultaneously included in our International Top 20 Charts”. This year also marked his twentieth anniversary as a Calypsonian.

1992 his 9th album was titled “It’s Magic” and contained another of Baron’s favorite songs, “Nobody’s Soldier” as well as “One For The Road”, etc.

1993 the 12” Mas on the Move” and the Compact Disc {CD} titled “His Majesty” which featured “Words” written by Just Come & Lady Ierie was released etc.

1994 his 11th album was “Soca Uprising” [CD] which featured the plea to help save our environment, “Mother Earth Is Crying” as well as the thought provoking “Find Yourself” and “Lady” etc.

1995 he released his next CD “The Winner In Me” which contained, “One More”, “Love Conquers All”, “Soca Bull Pistle” etc. and his 13th album “Ballads with a Caribbean Flavor” in which he sang popular North American Ballads etc. with-a-Soca-Beat.

1996 his next CD was “The Message” which contained the hits, “Something In Meh Waist”, “Party Time” etc and he was also featured on the “Parang Soca Christmas Compilation” CD in which he sang, “It’s Christmas Again” & “It’s Christmas” and on Volume 2 of the next “Parang Soca Christmas Compilation” he sang a Medley of Christmas tunes and “Come Go.”

1997 his 15th album “Tears of Gold” [CD] contained “Poom Poom Shorts”, “Double Standards” etc was followed by his next album “Christmas with The Baron”.

1998 his 17th album “Standing Tall” [CD] contained “Rub Your Body On Mine”, “Woman” etc. and he was also featured on Volume 3 of the Parang Soca Christmas Compilation” with “Carmenente`” and on the CD  “Summer Jams ‘98” with a medley titled “JW Mega Mix”, “Life” and the “Mighty Sparrow’s immortal “Slave”

1998 his 18th album “The Very Best of Baron” which contained a bevy of his successful hits over the years and with the re-recording of, “The Jammer”, “Feeling It” etc.

2001 he released the CD “Two Thousand and One” which features “Brown Skin Gal”, “Sweet Pan In Meh Blood” etc.

2002  he sang a “pan song” titled “Bradley’s Dream” (?) and  released his second Ballad CD titled Shades of Love with a Caribbean Flavor and the following year he released “Jouvert Morning”, “Dey Cyar Wait” and “Pan is it”.

2003 – he released the CD “Two Thousand and Three” which features Jouvert Morning – Dey Cyar Wait – Pan is it.

2004- Baron with a Difference.

Come and soca my love— Soca beach Party—etc  as the album said Baron with a Difference.

2006- Baron moving on.

He brought back some of his calypsos from previous album with ah little more pep One hundred years, Trouble, Severe Lickin,  Gone  Gone Gone

2007-Baron Forever Yours. .

This is Baron 60th Birthday and 36th Anniversary in Entertainment,  Happy Birthday is one of his Calypso written by Edson Mitchell [Ajamu] on this year album

 2009- Baron Released a Christmas single

Spanish Woman, [He put some of his soca  parang on one CD ]

2012- Baron Released two singles All over [Featuring and written by Fay-Ann-Lyons-Alverez] and Standing Ovation written by Ronald Forde.

2013-Baron Complied a Christmas CD with a few of his old Christmas Parang along with some new one   Parang by meh door, Hit ah Puncheon, We Paranging and Feeling the good vibes [Featuring and written by Eldon Blackman] just to name a few

2014-Baron have Two(2) new singles De Vagrant Written by Curtis Charles “Potential”  and Irie Party Written by Jason Seecharan “Fridge”

2015- Baron released another Christmas single “Baron is ah sweet man “ written by Revelation

2016- Received Hummingbird medal Gold HBMG


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