The name of the festival speaks to a very important facet of Anguilla’s cultural heritage – The Jollification. Rhona Richardson-Roydon, a member of the Anguilla Community Foundation, explains the concept of the Jollification as “a getting together of people to share and help neighbours”. This was done through the ploughing and planting of ground (fields), all against the backdrop of men working together, women cooking, and children playing, while the work was carried out free of cost with much laughter, singing and “jollification.” The Anguilla Literary Festival brings together all sectors of the community to present a stylish, inspiring and intellectually stimulating experience.

Noted economist, historian, author and playwright, Marcel Fahie writes that through the Jollification, “We helped each other with the construction of our homes. Mutual aid and assistance in the form of free labour was also employed to build community facilities, access roads to and from isolated parts of villages, church buildings, community halls and playing fields. The spirit and elements of the jollification survive to this day in various forms. Most notable is the contribution of our time and effort to furthering the programs of our religious and charitable organizations.”