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Anguilla social security board a proud sponsor of 8th annual anguilla lit fest 2019

Anguilla social security board a proud sponsor of 8th annual anguilla lit fest 2019:  books, beaches and a better you!

Improving the quality of life for all is deeply rooted in our culture at the Anguilla Social Security Board.  Hence, we believe we have a corporate responsibility to invest in and give back to our communities.  The arts have a role to play in national development, and the Literary Arts is used as a development tool within our local communities. That is why we continue our annual partnership with the Anguilla Literary Foundation (ALF) as amajor sponsor of the literary jollification – Lit Fest 2019, to the tune of US$10,000.00.

At Social Security, we consider our sponsorships to national and community events to be an investment in Anguilla’s socio-economic development.  This is in keeping with our mission to transform the quality of life in Anguilla, by not only providing meaningful social security, but also community empowerment and national development.  

The ALF has recognized that the literary arts have a role to play in socio-economicdevelopment, and at the local level is using Lit Fest as a development tool within the community.  In partnership with the Anguilla Tourist Board, it is also a tool for attracting arts-related spending and increasing the attractiveness of an area for business and consumers.

The Board commends the ALF for its efforts to expose the literary arts to a wide cross-section of our local community, with the hosting of educational activities (during Lit Fest Week) for children, teachers, youth at risk, and adults in general.  We therefore,encourage the general public to take advantage of this opportunity to learn, grow and develop literary skills through this medium.

The Board wishes the ALF much success on the hosting of Lit Fest 2019. May our visitors and locals alike be inspired, educated, motivated and uplifted.

Here’s to books, beaches and a better you for Lit Fest 2019!

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